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Caretina Royal Z

  • Gender: mare
  • Birth: 2007
  • Studbook: Zangersheide, Holst stam 275
  • Colour: brown
  • Descent: Caretino x Clearway
  • In foal to: Nabab De Rêve (2012)
  • Status: sold (Sweden)
Caretino Caletto II Cor De La Bryére
Isidor Metellus
Thimberly Clearway Capitol
Wodka II
Oxina Alasca
Florina I v.Langatta ExpressXX

Top-class stallion Caretino is father off a great group horses that jumps at the highest level. Hes also father off more than 30 approved sons like Casall, Caretano Z, Caridor Z, Eurocommerce Caresino, Cheenook,... Caretino is only availlable for the breeders in Holstein.


Caretina Royal is out of dam-line 275, which is also the family of the legendary inheritor Landgraf I.

If there were a single bloodline that has positively influenced the breeding of horses throughout the world be the line of the stallion Landgraf I, stem 275!


Great-grandmother Florina I produced the stallion Concept (v. Concerto II), who was approved for Holstein and was international succesfull with Bernardo Alves and now with Torben Köhlbrandt at the highest level.

Concept is The father of Contact vd Heffinck and other international jumpinghorses.

Florina I is also the mother of Ladina ('96 v. Concerto II). This mare jumps at 1.55m level with Rieskamp-Goedeking Tim.


Also the mother off Florina I, Jenni is the mother of the international jumping horses Avion 8 (Ludger Beerbaum) and Orchidee 27 (Dirk Hafmeister). Orchidee 27 has won the Olympic games at Seoul '88.



stem 275

dam Thimberly

Clearboy (Full brother Thimberly)

info Caretino

info Concept

veulen 2011 (v. Quintero La Silla)


Video Caretina Royal Z: