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  • Gender: mare
  • Birth: 2002
  • Studbook: Holstein, stam 1866
  • Colour: grey
  • Descent: Quantum x Carthago
  • In foal to: Connor (05-2015)
  • Status: sold
Quantum Quidam De Revel Jalisco B
Ulla V Cor de la Bryère
Lara Sofia Carthago Capitol
Gina Sofia Cor de la Bryère
Oleander v.Ronald

Sofia is an offspring of Quantum, this stallion was reserve champion at the Holsteiner approval in 1996.


The dam line of Sofia, stem 1866, is the "Farnese" stem. This is also the family from the sport stallions Atlas I, Condios and Lands River.

Very interesting is the fact that Sofia is the 3th product of the mare Lara Sofia ('96 v.Carthago).


Lara Sofia is the mother of:

  • VDL Group Quinara ('00 v.Quinar): succesfull international show jumper with Leopold Van Asten at the highest level. This mare was already 11th at the final of the world championships for 7 year old horses at Zangersheide and became 7th in the Global Champions Tour 2011 in Abu Dhabi.
  • Eurocommerce Memphis ('01 v.Quinar): was approved stallion for Zangersheide. He won the stallion competition 2005 in Holland, and jumps now as a gelding under the name "Albführen's Memphis" international at 1,60m level with Alexandra Fricker.
  • Quinton ('05 v.Quinar): approved at the Holsteiner approval 2007. He is also approved in Denmark were he was the "premium-stallion" of 2008.


Sofia herself was 5th at the "fohlenchampionat" in Germany and earned an bezirks premium when she was 3 years old.

Her oldest product "Wodka" get a premium as 3-years old and was second at the "Süddeutsches Freisspringchampionat" with the dreamscore of 9,25! Now she jumps already at 1,40m level.

Her second product "Mythos 87" was very succesfull at the competition for 5-year old horses in Germany with Lars Bak Andersen. Now he jumps CSI young horses.



stam 1866 (fragment)

video VDL Group Quinara (youtube)

Eurocommerce Memphis (youtube)


foal 2009 (v. Contender)

foal 2010 (v. Numero Uno)

foal 2012 (v. Balou Du Rouet)

foal 2013 (v. Balou Du Rouet) 




Albführen's  Memphis  (Halfbrother of Sofia)                      VDL Group Quinara  (Halfsister of Sofia) 

                Breeder: Claus W. Hagge                                                  Breeder: Claus W. Hagge



                         Quinton (Halfbrother of Sofia)                                                             Quinton               

                             Breeder: Claus W. Hagge


Offsprings Sofia:



                                                      Mythos 87 v.Montender


                                                  Batida Royal Z v.Balou Du Rouet


                                           Cender Royal v.Contender 4-years old



                                                      Wodka v.Ephebe For Ever